Fireplace Remodel



Excited to get to work on the feature piece in our living room.  The Fireplace Remodel! I have spent a lot of time thinking about what to do for this fireplace as I want it to be the focal point when people come in the front door.  I always seek inspiration from the Houzz website and it was here that I found the perfect solution for the design I want for this fireplace.

Inspiration Fireplace

Inspiration Fireplace

There are so many options for fireplace finishes and I explored several ideas before reaching the one that I believe best suits the overall design feel for our home.  I have sourced out a fireplace insert with a linear design that provides a more modern element to the living room.  I found the stacked stone tiles at Lowes and after much deliberation I have settled on the perfect grey paint colour for the feature wall.  We are  going to tackle the tiling ourselves……so excited for this DIY project.  imageimage

Main Bathroom…..One down….Three more to go

imageSo the design starts to unfold…..One bathroom at a time.  The main bathroom is done except for baseboard and now we can start demo of the master bathroom.  It’s always fun to see all the pieces come together in a room and we are very pleased with the result in this bathroom.  I wanted a modern hotel feel in this room and of course try to achieve it on a budget.  The floating vanity is from ikea, the tile,  toilet and mirror are from Home Depot and the shower curtain, towels and accessories are from Target.  The paint colour is a Behr colour “silent film” but I had it mixed in CIL duo in an eggshell finish.

The next bathroom to get a makeover is our master bedroom and I have made the final selection on tile and lighting.  This weekend will be spent tearing out all the tile in preparation for the new design.  I’m keeping the footprint the same so we don’t have to worry about a big cost for moving pipes and drains and keeping the existing soaker tub as it’s in great condition.  All these things help to keep us on budget and allow us to put the savings towards special features like heated floors and a gorgeous chandelier over the tub.

This project is definitely a labour of love but like all labours of love there are challenges along the way so I thought I would try to share mine through this process.

My Takeaway Learns from this project:

-Always purchase way more tile than you need…’s easier  to return it than to have to run out at the last minute to purchase more.

-When it comes to plumbing never assume the existing pipes and hoses will work with new sinks, vanities or toilets.  If possible have the person installing the items review before so you can have anything special needed there for the install.

-I love ikea and have put together many pieces using their picture instructions and normally without a problem as I’m a visual person……..but sometimes the pictures are a bit deceiving.  With regard to the floating vanity for this bathroom I put the bottom piece in wrong and it didn’t get noticed until the entire vanity and plumbing was installed….Woops!  There was a slight difference in the front and back and the instructions didn’t show it or make note of front and back in any way.  Luckily I live with a problem solver!  We were able to change it around without taking it all apart and I am better prepared to put together the other 2 vanities.  Lesson learned!


Putting it back together……begins

imageAnd so it begins…..the slow process of putting things back together new.  You spend weeks even months thinking, shopping, planning for the end result and it’s so exciting when all the planning starts to unfold with the finished product.  

We’ve been hard at work getting everything prepped for our fabulous trades people.  Today is Day 1 for trades people.  We have Ryan here tiling the main bathroom floor in preparation for the new vanity, toilet and all the new fixtures and decor pieces we have waiting to install.  It will be so exciting to see the finished room in a few days.  

imageThe next part to be accomplished are some drywall projects that will get us up and running to get all the painting done for the floors to go in.  We tackled the fireplace and one of the large display niches and removed the wood and drywall that formed the mantle and ledges as well as brought down the enormous mirror from the fireplace.  Now we can get the fireplace company in to discuss a new more modern insert and we can choose tile and finishes.  This will be the biggest feature when you enter the front door so we need to make it Amazing!


Rainy Day Renos


The last few days have been pretty rainy so it’s been easy to avoid poolside and keep focused on the ongoing demo inside.

As of late last night we have officially removed all the flooring in preparation for the new hardwood!  It’s hard work removing flooring and all the staples and nails left behind but has to get done before we can get the new floors in.  We finished painting all the bedrooms and the paper in the master bedroom as well as paint in the main bathroom.  Once we get that bathroom back together we will tackle the master bathroom.

Shopping has been fun over the last week with a visit to Ikea for vanities, Home Outfitters for curtains, Pier1 for a bench, Target for lots of stuff and Norburn Lighting for some amazing lighting.  Can’t wait to get everything back together.

Just taking a couple minutes to post this quick update with pics.  Spending this wonderful Father’s Day with our friends Jayson and April and their two lovely children.  A much needed day off! I’ll update more in a few days.




Demo Days

imageTwo long days of demo resulting in the upper level of the house being ready for paint and flooring!  Woohoo!!  Saturday started off with us getting the keys and a short visit with our realtor to make sure everything was as it should be.  We are very excited to get the project under way and to get settled in our new community.  We are so thankful to our new friends Lyndsay and Ryan for lending us some tools and a ladder to get started since all our tools are in the truck and not arriving until June 9th.

Day 1

While Keevin got started on ripping out the carpet upstairs I went off in search of a hardware store to purchase a few more tools.  One of the best things about moving to a new city is you don’t know where anything is so you have to go on an adventure to find things, and in that process you discover some amazing places and people.  Even though there is a Rona very close to our home for some reason my gps directed me to the tiniest Rona or hardware store for that matter that I have ever seen a few minutes further away.  The gentleman at the counter was so helpful and he took my list and guided me through the store to everything I needed.  Best part…..No line up!  He then directed me to a great little grocery store just up the road so I could grab some hotdogs and snacks to keep us going for the day.

imageOf course by the time I returned the upstairs carpet was almost completely removed and rolled up and ready for transport to the garage, all the doors upstairs were removed. It’s like I left 3 men working instead of 1!  image

At 12:00 we had our first trades person in for an estimate on work to be done.  Neither of us felt he was a good fit for this project so we will keep looking in that area.  We had a couple more hours of hard work before the next trades person arrived.   So we got the doors, carpet and underlay out to the garage.  The next visitor was a nice young man and his Dad to give us a quote on the hardwood install.  We really felt good about this Father/Son team and we hope they come back with a great quote so we can work with them.

The rest of our day we spent taking off baseboard and removing outlet covers in preparation for painting.  Then a quick hot tub before heading back to the condo for a good nights sleep!image

Day 2

We were up bright and early excited to get back to our project.  Armed with a list of things to get at Home Depot we headed out with our Timmies in hand.  We picked up the wallpaper for the feature wall in the Master bedroom as well as the paint for all the bedrooms.  Can’t wait to get the new colour on the walls!  Once at the house I got right to taking off wallpaper border and Keevin went to work removing all the staples and nails left behind after the carpet and baseboards were removed.  This is not an easy task so it was a great reprieve when our friends Jayson and April arrived with their 2 sweet children to spend the afternoon with us.  The kids had a blast swimming and playing in the yard while we relaxed and shared a meal with our friends.  Thank goodness we have a BBQ and patio set since we don’t have our furniture yet.

After our visit we got right back to work.  Before leaving for the day we completed removing staples and nails from all the upper floors, all the wallpaper border removed and the walls are pepped for paint and wallpaper.  Now we are back to Ontario for a few days.  Can’t wait to get back to the house later in the week!image

New Beginnings!

Well we’ve moved Provinces and we’re ready for a new project!  Today is officially Day 1!  In the next few days we will start demo in preparation for all our new finishes.  We’ve purchased the hardwood flooring and have the kitchen design almost finalized.  The next few days will see many trades people viewing the property to give quotes on all of our projects.  So excited to get started!

Company Is Coming

One of my favorite rooms in the whole house is the Guest Room.  Maybe it’s partly because we spent the first few months of the renovation living in there.  It was the only room in the house that wasn’t torn apart and until we moved into the Master Bedroom it was a lovely shade of pink just like the rest of the house.  It’s now a mish mash of things we had, we made and things that were given to us and I think that’s why it feels so cozy and inviting. 

I wanted to create a haven for guests that would make them feel like they were spending the night in a boutique hotel like the one we stayed at in Rome.  The wallpaper I found at Home Depot and fell in love with the damask pattern in blue and silver.  I decided to use it as a feature wall behind the headboard.  The remaining walls were treated to a coat of soft grey blue to compliment the paper.  I kept the colour scheme soft and relaxing with whites and creams for the linens and accessories.  The quilted bedspread and shams were a gift from my sister Janie and they give a cozy feel to the room.  A few touches of aqua add a punch of colour.  Continue reading